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10 day Intensive Sonography Introduction Program

Course Description

This 10 day Intensive Sonography Introduction Program (ISIP) will fast track the beginner to a solid level of understanding basic physics, knobology and system optimisation techniques.

Our accelerated hands on scanning program allows for an excellent foundation in scan and imaging protocol techniques for the abdomen, male and female pelvis and thyroid gland. Excellent program for all trainee sonographers including DMU and Medical Ultrasound Uni students, DDU clinicians, point of care practitioners, nurses, midwives, rural and remote GP’s, registrars and radiologists and veterinary practitioners.


Week 1 (Mon to Fri):

Basic Physics;  includes colour Doppler and Artifacts

Knobology, system optimization controls

Probe orientation and scan technique

Practical hands-on scanning of the Abdomen to include:   aorta, pancreas, liver,hepatobiliary, kidneys and spleen

Week 2 (Mon to Fri):

Practical hands-on scanning of the male and female pelvis (TA)

Practical hands-on scanning of the thyroid gland

Abdominal scanning revision – putting it all together

10 days too long? Look for our 2 day KICKSTART program


Want more time with us? We also have longer program for 14 weeks available.


“A wonderful experience to kick start in Medical Sonography” 

- Yudong L,. NSW

“I have found the past ten days to be extremely helpful in consolidating theory and learning many new techniques and skills. The trainers are excellent!” 

- Joanna J, QLD

“The 10 day intensive sonography introduction program was both helpful and enjoyable.”

- Tim P., NSW

“A fantastic course! The tutors are all extremely knowledgeable + great teachers!” 

- Laura S, NSW