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A message from the ASMI Executive

The medical imaging industry is currently in a state of imbalance. On the one side, there is a drastic workforce shortage and on the other, the demand for sonogaphers is ever increasing. This urgent demand continues to rise as Australia’s population grows and the national population ages. The Australian School of Medical Imaging (ASMI) was established to address this pressing issue by providing choices for proprietors and managers in recruiting long-term staff members, while also solving their training problems.

ASMI continues to evolve as it pursues its goal to deliver workforce solutions that include recruitment and provision of trainee sonographers, high-quality training programs for radiologists, registrars, sonographers, allied health – and the preparation and presentation of additional resources.

One choice ASMI offers is the Graduate Program in Medical Ultrasound (GPMU), a 14-week, intensive short course designed to build a solid foundation for trainee sonographers to enter this industry. Upon completion, these trainees have a clear path to becoming an accredited sonographer through gaining vast experience at ASMI’s renowned Clinical Training Sites (CTS) or with independent or corporate radiology companies across Australia and New Zealand.

Alternatively, ASMI provides an Intensive 4 week Introduction to Sonography Program (ISIP). An amazing and practical start up experience and platform for new entrants to the sonography profession. Perfect for clinics who wish to progress a radiographer or technician into ultrasound. ASMI takes the hard work out of the initial knobology, instrumentation, physics and patient scanning of the abdomen, male and female pelvis. ASMI has and continues to, deliver the ISIP to N.S.W. Department of Health as part of their sonographer training program. ISIP – it is Intensive, inexpensive and invaluable. Look for more details on this website.

Since CTS’ first operation in 2007, the number of sites has expanded nationally, meaning high-quality, comprehensive general ultrasound operations are accessible for extended clinical training prior to final placement in the workforce.

Ideal for all aspects of sonography, ASMI’s broad and comprehensive range of seminars will satisfy each and every participant’s thirst for knowledge and skills. With our ‘hands on” seminars, ASMI strictly contains the sessions in a small group environment to ensure every registrant has a high level of interaction with the instructor, the machine and the patient model. Through this seminar program, ASMI’s world-class Faculty members are able to transfer their exceptional depth of knowledge and practical skills to all seminar registrants.

ASMI’s university academic partnership with Charles Sturt University, Monash University and ASUM DMU strengthens the organisation’s GPMU, whereby multiple clinical partnerships throughout the nation facilitate the improved delivery of clinical services to benefit both patients and referring doctors.

ASMI has a desire and passion to develop and implement the solutions, programs and services required for each individual setting. As its Executive team, we are proud and delighted to present you with the extensive programs and services showcased throughout this website (see Seminars, GPMU Program Overview and ISIP Program Overview). For more information on ASMI’s unwavering commitment to its students and trainees, please see the ASMI Guarantee.


Mr Glenn Mundey