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ASMI Guarantee

ASMI’s Guarantee

1. ASMI’s team is here for you

ASMI recommends, delivers and, if needed, produces the most ideal education possible for you. ASMI achieves this by listening to your needs and by maintaining one of the most experienced and passionate Faculty in the medical imaging industry.

2. ASMI promises high-quality medical imaging training

Every ASMI seminar and training session is of the highest standard. The company ensures this by investing in state-of-the-art machines and appointing only the most respected and recognised Faculty to conduct the teaching. Add to this the friendly staff who are on board to assist you and constantly update ASMI’s course materials and you know that you are learning only the most up-to-date, leading ultrasound and sonography content on offer in Australia and internationally. After every seminar, attendees are invited to fill out a feedback form and this information is always taken on board to ensure ASMI continually improves its team and its courses to offer only the best in medical image training.

3. ASMI guarantees open communication

The best relationship can only be established and maintained through open and honest communication − and that is what ASMI promises you. ASMI is here to listen to your needs, requests and feedback to understand your individual situation so that we can assist you in the optimal manner. Likewise, ASMI will get in touch if it has news to share, such as a new seminar that may interest you. Of course, ASMI’s dedicated team will also contact you if any changes arise that may affect you or your training.

4.  Depth of experience

Faculty members have significant experience in their chosen field within the medical imaging industry, both nationally and internationally − and ASMI values and encourages their passion for teaching. Many lecturers have more than 20 years’ experience and have published numerous papers and articles. With such a depth of experience, ASMI knows its training is second to none.

5.  Professional credibility

National associations such as ASAR, RANZCR and ASUM accredit ASMI’s courses and its GPMU is supported by Charles Sturt University and  Monash University. Moreover, numerous clinics throughout Australia have formed clinical partnerships, so you know you can trust ASMI with your professional development.