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The Australian School of Medical Imaging has its origins in the Canberra School of Sonography, which was established in 1999 and continues to deliver high-quality, individual preceptorship training in ultrasound to this day.

The year 2005 marked a new strategic direction for the organisation with the formation of the Australian School of Medical Imaging (ASMI). The ASMI Graduate Program in Medical Ultrasound (GPMU) was formed to ensure all sonography students are upskilled and receive the best training possible under the tuition of Australia’s leading sonography experts. All ASMI faculty members have been hand-picked for their dedication, expertise and leading edge knowledge in their particular field of medical imaging.

In mid 2006, Mr Peter Mundey joined ASMI as Chief Executive Officer. Peter’s existing management networks and unique industry experience have provided insight into devising innovative solutions specifically tailored for medical imaging practices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific.

Every ASMI student is exposed to more than 200 hours of hands-on, practical machinery operation and many hours of practising patient consultation, so that they enter the workforce − and the sonography industry − competent, prepared and highly skilled. To date, the ASMI GPMU has produced hundreds of trainee sonographers, with a huge number qualified as accredited medical sonographers with ASAR registration.

Under the current leadership of Mr Glenn Mundey, ASMI has maintained and built on a reputation for providing the Australian medical industry with competent, highly-skilled and passionate trainee sonographers as well as delivering a diverse and dynamic range of short courses to the radiology and allied health industry.

The entire management and faculty team at ASMI is committed to evolving and expanding the sonography training and services on offer to ensure that the developing needs of the industry are exceeded at all times. We are all very excited by our new direction and innovations that will cement ASMI’s position as being the true leader in ultrasound education in Australia and New Zealand.