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ISIP Trainee Testimonials

Here, ISIP trainees share their thoughts on the benefits of undertaking sonography training with ASMI.


“Excellent supervision of scanning techniques. Tutors providing attention to reliable scanning techniques. Gives solid foundation & confidence in skills.”

– Dr John G., Westmead, NSW

“ASMI offers well-supported, intensive training, passionate staff with great practical advice. Remember: just relax − and the pancreas will come to you…!”

− Stephen B, Sonography Student, Berry, NSW

 “This course has been a great start to my sonography career. ASMI provides an excellent learning environment and passionate teachers. Thank you to all the ASMI team.”

− Jonelle A, Sonography Student, Deniliquin, NSW

“This four-week course is a comprehensive introduction to ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis. I would recommend it to any student embarking on this profession.”

− Matthew T, MRS Manager, Cooma, NSW

“I would recommend anyone to do a course in ASMI who is beginning his career as a sonographer. It was really helpful to put a strong base to the career.”

− Yeldo M, Sonography Student, Wagga Wagga, NSW

 “I did not know the ABC of sonography, but I have learned a lot in the past four weeks.”

− Muhammad S.C., Sonography Student, Goulburn, NSW