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How Clinical Training Sites Work

ASMI’s Clinical Training Sites (CTS) offer an innovative pathway for Radiology practices to quickly and efficiently develop their clinical sonographer training – while simultaneously gaining high quality and comprehensive general ultrasound services.

Through a related entity, ASMI and Insight Clinical Services works in a joint venture with the nominated clinic(s) to run a minimum of two ultrasound rooms on site. A Senior Tutor Sonographer is provided as are the trainee Sonographers who have completed their initial 14 week GPMU with ASMI. Together the patients are scanned by the trainee’s and the supervising tutor leaving the existing Sonography workforce to run their typical patient list.

When the trainee’s reach an advanced level they are then able to be integrated into the existing workforce or relocated to a clinic in need and supervised by the clinic’s senior sonographers. This then allows an additional trainee to enter the CTS in their place and continue until the workforce issues have been addressed in their entirety.

ASMI works with major corporate clients and both small and large independent practices across Australia in this manner solving their Sonographer shortage issues.

ASMI and Insight have also developed a model that provides a secondary level of training whereby the trainee leaves a typical CTS and enters an Advanced Training Site (ATS). This provides for the setting where the clinic has insufficient resources to supervise or train a trainee after leaving the Clinical Training Site.

The ATS provides continuing quality supervision and superior skill development for the trainee’s and includes MSK, Vascular and Obstetrics development until the trainee reaches qualification status. It is then the qualified Sonographer is integrated into the broader clinical network of the organisation.

The benefits of being a Clinical Partner include:

  • An attractive recruitment and retention tool for qualified and training sonographers
  • Producing a guaranteed and secure stream of sonographers for your clinic(s)
  • Quality improvement and enhancement of your existing internal training program
  • Increased productivity with no downtime for your existing sonography workforce
  • Improved utilisation of existing equipment and rooms
  • Current exam productivity is maintained with a plan to expand and grow the patient examination numbers
  • Ongoing professional development for qualified sonography staff
  • Additional supervision for existing trainees available on request

For a confidential discussion on Clinical and/or Advanced Training Sites and how this may work for you, please contact the ASMI and Insight Clinical Services General Manager – Glenn Mundey.