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To Whom It May Concern:

In my managerial and clinical roles with South East Radiology I have had extensive experience with the Australian School of Medical Imaging (ASMI).

Through our association with ASMI we have been able to fill long standing vacancies and enhance the delivery of ultrasound services in a number of regional centers on the South Coast of New South Wales.

As Chief Sonographer I have direct responsibility for the Sonography staff of South East Radiology. Our company currently has five graduates of the ASMI Post Graduate Program in Medical Ultrasound in full time clinical positions as Trainee Sonographers.

The ASMI trainees came to us with well developed clinical skills and awareness of patient care and cross infection. In addition the ASMI faculty and management have provided excellent ongoing support for the trainees and the supervising staff.

It certainly has been beneficial to our company and the local community that we have accepted the ASMI trainees and I would recommend that all managers of imaging departments consider the benefits for their organisation.

It is of great benefit to the Sonography profession that a training facility such as ASMI has been established.

Timothy Alchin
Chief Sonographer
South East Radiology


To Whom It May Concern:

In my role as a partner in Lake Imaging and my previous employment as a sonographer and manager in both public and private health settings, I have had extensive exposure to and experience in the training of sonographers.

In recent years due to labour shortages and static (or reducing) CMBS funding in the medical imaging industry we have worked diligently to develop programs to ensure the continued training and education of sonographers.

Through our association with ASMI we have been able to compliment our existing sonography workforce and sonography training programs with new candidates on a regular basis. The ASMI trainees came to us with strong theoretical knowledge, basic scanning technique and an enormous desire for further knowledge and experience. Our candidates have been enthusiastic and diligent students from their first day and are laborious in their quest to become recognised and skilful sonographers. They have achieved outstanding academic and clinical results in the time they have been with us.

One facet of the ASMI program that has been a revelation to our organisation is the support received from the ASMI faculty and management. Their ongoing willingness to assist clinical partners such as Lake Imaging long after the initial placement of candidates should be applauded.

Upon requests for information, additional support or training I have always been supplied with exceptional technical and HR support.

Our ASMI candidates have developed many friendships with our existing staff, are well respected and accepted by reporting radiologists, referring physicians and patients and are considered wonderful additions to our imaging team.

Our decision to accept ASMI candidates has undoubtedly provided benefits to Lake Imaging, the communities we operate in and the sonography profession in general.

I would encourage all medical imaging providers to consider the addition of ASMI candidates to your sonography team.

Partner / Director
Lake Imaging