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How ASMI can solve your workforce problem

ASMI, since it’s inception has been focused on quality training for the ultrasound industry and solving issues surrounding the shortage of qualified sonographers in the workforce.

To date, ASMI has sourced, selected and trained approximately 200 trainee sonographers with many of these now qualified and for some time. ASMI’s supports the pathway to qualification in ultrasound in it’s current guise, being a post graduate university diploma or masters and looks to compliment the university programs with a hands on theory and practical program of 14 weeks duration – our GPMU (Graduate Program in Medical Ultrasound).

The numerous clinics and clients ASMI has worked with over the years has resulted in many now having no workforce issues with all ultrasound rooms fully operational and generating maximum revenue for the clinics. The added bonus of their new employees on a minimum 4 year tenure employment contract (2 years minimum post qualification) instils confidence in committing resource to taking on a trainee in the initial stages.

For those who have been working with us as over the years, the feedback of relief and gratitude they have from “jumping off” the escalating Sonographer salary train is immense.

“Many clinics are becoming tired or frustrated from the natural laws of supply and demand and having their hands tied in relation to their ultrasound workforce”.

ASMI, through a variety of tried and proven initiatives, can tailor a solution to begin the process of resolving your staff shortages. For those who began the process of training a new breed of sonographers, even as long as 6 months ago, are now enjoying or seeing the benefits and results from implementation and have only offered the feedback as to “why they didn’t do this sooner”.

ASMI hand picks the trainee’s to match the culture and brief of a clinic and client. The clinic has the final say as to who they employ and then ASMI enrols the selected trainee in their 14 week intensive GPMU.

” ASMI can recruit, select and train a new trainee Sonographer in both the General Ultrasound or dedicated ASUM Vascular streams. The trainee SELF FUNDS their enrolment in the GPMU and in their ongoing education and training.”

For a clinic who has taken one or many of our trainee’s, the cost effective nature of the process is one of the highlights. To have a student pay for their own tuition for the first 14 weeks of their hands on and practical training is excellent. The GPMU pathway allows the clinics and their existing ultrasound workforce to work “as normal” whilst the trainee is being trained “off site” and making all of their errors and learning mistakes “off site”.

As many practice managers, radiologists and CEO’s have said to us time and time again –

“Do you realise that you (ASMI) is training our new Trainee Sonographer, off site, for 14 weeks, at a cost of $9.40 per hour?

And that includes the trainee receiving DMU Part 1 or first year exemption from their associated universities!

Why am I paying my Sonographer $65/per hour to do the same thing?”