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GPMU Program



10 day ISIP

“I have found the past ten days to be extremely helpful in consolidating theory and learning many new techniques and skills. The trainers are excellent!” 

– Joanna J, QLD.

“The 10 day intensive sonography introduction program was both helpful and enjoyable.”

– Tim P., NSW


Ultrasound for Podiatrists

“Thank you. The course gave a great overview of U/S and will help me with referral to sonography, interpretation of scan reports and will be a good grounding for the CAHPU.”

Ian R., Greenwich NSW

“The presenters were excellent with good first-hand knowledge, very clearly presented information with good mix of theory and hands on. Highly recommend this course to other podiatrists.” 

– Melissa S., Grandville NSW

“ Knowledge of both tutors was of high standard. Interpersonal skills were excellent. An enjoyable seminar. Little room for improvement.” 

– Robert T., Summer Hill NSW

” The Ultrasound for Podiatrist weekend course was a great Introduction to musculoskeletal Foot & Ankle Ultrasound. The tutors were great with excellent practical and theoretical knowledge. Overall a fantastic learning opportunity recommended for all podiatrists.” 

– Malcolm P., Mosman NSW

Physics and Instrumentations

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Rob Gill and ASMI for the wonderful course I attended.

Some think I am crazy pursuing a career change and one that is not necessarily in line with my previous qualifications and experience.

Personally I viewed Physics as a challenge and a subject I had little interest in but appreciated the need for understanding and as such I enrolled in the Physics and Instrumentation course held last week to give me the best start possible!  Well it did this and more…

The nature of the course material and manner in which it was delivered is a credit to Dr Gill and his skill as an educator and knowledge of his field.

Before attending I had a very basic idea but upon completion of the course, through group discussion and clever delivery, Dr Gill has helped to prepare me for what I now view as an exciting aspect of my new career.

I would like to thank you once again for making this course available to students outside of your ASMI program and recommend it for anyone in my situation.”

− Erica C., Bachelor in Human Movement science


MSK Ultrasound Seminars

“I found this course to be incredibly helpful. I am a qualified sonographer and this has build on my knowledge & filled in gaps that I hadn’t been taught during my training.”

– Katrina R., Sonographer

“David is a fantastic tutor. He keeps the content simple, but still gets across the important details. This seminar was SO good. I would advise any student to attend.”

– Angus M., Trainee Sonographer

“Dave is an excellent Tutor. Knowledgeable, personable and simplifies the scanning to make it quick & easy to pick up. “

– Kerrie W., Trainee Sonographer

“Dave was again a great tutor who was very approachable & knowledgeable. Scanning of areas made me more confident in my scanning with the simple & methodical nature of the course.”

– Jenna Jones., Sonographer

“Very good course, friendly helpful tutor. Good small sized group meant lots of individual teaching. Very worthwhile”

– Katherine H., Sonographer

“Great course. Peter has simplified the complicated muscle anatomies into brief names which was very helpful to remember. Scanning techniques he thought was very useful as well over all. I would recommend this course to my colleagues. Thank you.”

– Alison W., Trainee Sonographer

“Excelent, practical course with a good balance of lecture seminar and hands on ultrasound training.”

Dr Lisa E., Registrar Sport and Exercise Medicine

“A great overview for the beginner. As a Student Sonographer it can be overwhelming trying to tackle anatomy and pathology but this course is very systematic and the hands on practice is invaluable.”

− Stephanie Ch., Trainee Sonographer

“Anna and Geordanna are really fantastic tutors. Sharing their knowledge I learn a lot from them. Worth every single penny. I will be very keen for the Lower Limb MSK”                                                                                                                                                                           − Seema Ch., Perth WA

“The tutors’ knowledge was outstanding and something to certainly aspire to!”

– Kate W., Trainee Sonographer

“Looking forward to applying new knowledge”

– Alan H., Sonographer

“Excellent introductory course for anyone starting MSK ultrasound”

– Dr Kian-Ming C., MSK Fellow

“I found I learnt so much especially because of the small number and lots of hands on scanning. You also can’t doze during the lecture as immediately after that lecture you have to go and scan in front of the tutors.”

Maria L., Senior Sonographer NSW

“ I learnt so much in such a short period of time. This will be especially helpful for my employer. I will consider attending other seminars held be ASMI in the future.”

Laura A., Randwick, NSW

“Provided good quality machines with enthusiastic teacher.”

Petra B., Sonographer QLD

“I have learned a lot this weekend and the seminar was very worthwhile. The lectures are excellent and so knowledgeable.”

Christina M., Sonographer NSW

“This seminar has helped me refine my skills in doing MSK Ultrasound. It has taught me to examine structures I took for granted before.”      

Dr Consuelo S. Philippines

“This seminar has taught me more about MSK Ultrasound than I have gained in the last 18 months trying to find my way through the books. Steve is an absolute mecca of MSK knowledge and I feel very privileged to be able to tap into that.”

Alison D., Sonographer NSW

“The seminar was excellent as you keep the numbers of the attendees minimal, so one can get the hands on that this is all about.”

Thobekile M., Hamilton, NZ

“This was the most useful seminar I have attended. There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and a very intensive, hands on approach meant I learnt a lot that I can translate into my own practical skills.”

Heather W., Wembley, WA

“Brilliant lectures and practical scanning. The seminar has helped me to understand the theories much better.”

Connie P., Homebush West, NSW

“The seminar I attended was the upper limb MSK which
included shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. I cannot speak
highly enough of the quality of the entire 3 days. The seminar
was lead by a well-known MSK “guru” Stephen Bird and he
conducted an excellent, informative and comprehensive series
of lectures. Stephen is a natural teacher, who clearly enjoys
imparting all his knowledge. I especially gained a lot of practical
experience during the course as he provided “hands-on”
scanning directly after each sub-section of each topic,
enabling me to cement theoretical knowledge. The lectures
covered normal structures, anatomy (in detail), scan techniques,
pathology, surgical intervention, live scanning video of structures
and pathology plus his personal “tricks of the trade” when
searching for difficult structures. Thank you to Stephen and all
at ASMI for providing me with the tools to become a competent
upper limb MSK sonographer”.

Ann C.
San Radiology


MSK Masters Ultrasound seminars 

“This is a course, for a general Sonographer, that has had huge advantages for consolidation of my MSK skills. Technical challenges have been well addressed.”
– Cheryl H.,
“Brilliant course, very helpful.”
– Alana P.,

“This seminar was very informative and helpful. Highly recommended.”

– Carol Ch., Palmerston North, NZ

“Very educative. I have learnt a lot during the 2 days.”

– Nilesh K., Auckland, NZ

“Steven presents difficult material with expert skill making the concepts easy to understand.”

– Jason Ch., Bossley Park, NSW

“Excellent anatomy education! Very impressive seminar. Totally loved it!”

– Aseema L., Melbourne, VIC


 5 Day MSK Scanning workshop

“Good hands on practice, really helpful”

– Gurvinder K., Trainee Sonographer

“Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course. It provided a great learning environment with great amount of hands on experience. Looking forward to usin all the things I have learned practically”

– Solange O., Radiologist

“Helpful yet again.”

– Kylee H., Trainee Sonographer



“I felt very well looked after by the staff, presenter was very experienced and had great clinical examples.”

– Chris H. Murdoch, WA

“Great course to further develop my skills in diagnosis and rehabilitation as a physiotherapist.”

– Andrew H. Quakers Hill, NSW

“Excellent environment and equipment. Good teacher to student ratio. Detailed explanation and illustration of how we can use US imaging to improve our diagnosis accuracy and treatment efficiency in our daily practice.”

– Dr Albert K., Hong-Kong

“Highly informative hands-on seminar. I had a great time and learnt plenty of things that can be immediately integrated into my clinical practice as a physio.” 

– Jessica F., Castle Hill, NSW

“Dan is probably the most knowledgeable anatomist of finer musculoskeletal structures I have listened to. He is also very approachable. For what this course is designed to achieve it’d be difficult to put together a better course.”

– Michael W, NSW


MSK INTERACTIVE FORUM with Steve Bird in Hunter Valley

“This has been one of the most informative seminars I have been to in a long time. a lot of the information and demonstrated techniques can be easily added to my routine examination practices.”

Lisa W., Sonographer

“I highly recommend that all MSK Sonographers attend this kind of seminar. It has been more helpful than any other seminar that I have attended.”

Goran B., Sonographer

“That was a fantastic course run by a sonographer teaching sonographers. The information was relevant & the speakers knowledge inspiring. I walked out of this with a wealth of knowledge & a packet of new techniques.”

Rhonda N.; Sonographer

“High quality presentation, including practical approach & clinical context, very relevant to my work, thank you”

Tania T., Sonographer

“Learned so much relative to my work situation. Many new techniques that I can’t wait to try.”

Frances T., Sonographer

“Excellent conference, very comfortable setting allowing for questioning and learning in an very comfortable environment. Certainly will attend more courses.”

Helen F., Sonographer



“I don’t regret for a second going ahead with the GPMU. 14 weeks down the track and I’ve learnt an immense amount of information that I’ll carry with me throughout my career.

Danielle W.
ASMI Student

“ASMI was the beginning of a career change for me. Coming from a medical background, I wanted to give my career as a sonographer the best possible start, and ASMI gave me this opportunity with their GPMU program. Not only was the training excellent and provided a really strong foundation, the credit given at various universities for having completed the course was a valuable head start for the Graduate Diploma of Medical Ultrasound. It was a bit daunting initially to sign up for the course without a secured placement, however, ASMI kept looking for a position for me throughout the course and managed to secure one shortly after completing it. I sincerely recommend it!”

Nicola N.
ASMI Student


“I am doing my last semester right now and hopefully I will pass all the exams by the end of the year and then become qualified. My training is going well, busy and challenging and every day I can learn something new.

I just wanted to thank you and all the ASMI tutors and staff for training me and all the kindest help to me all the time! I am so proud that I was trained by ASMI!”

Simon W.
ASMI Student


“I come from a radiation therapy background and was studying ultrasound externally. While departments are keen to employ sonographers because of the nationwide shortage, they are not so keen to employ trainee sonographers because they just don’t have the staff to train them. The training I received at ASMI made it possible for me to get the hands on experience and background theoretical knowledge not available through University courses.

The resources at ASMI are excellent, we all had plenty of access to the ultrasound machines, all studies are demonstrated by highly qualified tutors, and there are daily supervised and unsupervised scanning practical sessions. Three to four times a week formal in depth lectures are given, I found these invaluable. The staff at ASMI are amazing, they are all very approachable and supportive, and will guide you through passing on tips and techniques they have found helpful throughout their careers as sonographers.”

The course is very intense because you learn so much in a relatively short amount of time, it is also very rewarding. I am now working full time as a trainee sonographer and all of my ASMI training has made the transition into the workplace a lot easier because I have a solid base on which to build. I would encourage anyone considering doing the ASMI course to take the leap and do it, it will be the best investment you could make in your future.”


Julie N.
ASMI Student


Advanced Vascular Ultrasound 

“I was impressed with the instructor. She was very knowledgeable and had lots of patientce .”
– Donna G., Canberra ACT

The advanced ultrasound course was of extreme benefit. The theory and practical aspects were explained and taught in a way that I walked away with complete understanding and confidence on what will be required of me to scan. I can’t speak highly enough of Margie she is just fantastic! I would definitely recommend the course to anyone.

The course notes were easy to understand and covered quite a lot of information.”

Melissa M.

Diagnostic Ultrasound for Radiologist – MSK

“Very enjoyable and informative. Time very well spent. Would highly recommend.”

− Dr Darrel S., Glenhaven, NSW

“Very valuable refresher course – would recommend it to colleagues.”

− Dr Simon M., Toorak, Vic

“One of the best available contributions in CPD”

− Dr Gill K., Mosman, NSW

“Good tailored course.  Stephen Bird is knowledgeable and knows his stuff.  I would recommend this course to anyone practicing MSK ultrasound.”

Dr Vijay P.

Ultrasound for Brachytherapy

“I am impressed by the lecturers knowledge in ultrasound, not just the theory but putting the concept and application to work as well. I have gained much insight and definitely will recommend this institution to anyone interested in ultrasound.” 

– Jessie H., Singapore

“I found the context provided by this course to be highly relevant for my practice in brachytherapy. The course was focused and provided specific information on use of the ultrasound in brachytherapy and I would definitely recommend it for all staff starting to work in brachytherapy. “ 

– Junou H., Wellington, New Zealand

“It is time well spent. Hands on work is excellent to provide real experience applying the knowledge.” 

– Yong L., St Fawkner, VIC

Obstetrics Fetal Morphology seminar 

“It was an amazing experience, just the right balance of theory and practical work. The knowledge of the tutors was excellent and they were very helpful guiding me through the difference elements of the scan, would definitely recommend this to any sonographer.”

Scott B.
Trainee Sonographer 

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity to practise morph scans on the patients and that there were ample of patients who were willing to let us practice. I found the course beneficial and I would definitely recommend the course.”

Kirsty P.
Trainee Sonographer

“A very enjoyable experience, very worth the time and effort. An excess of useful information and a perfect opportunity to practice your skills and put knowledge to the test. Highly recommended to any level of experience.”

Rebecca B.
Trainee Sonographer

Introductory 2nd and 3rd Trimester Ultrasound for Allied Health Professionals

“Exceeded my expectations, learned so much during time had.”

Danielle C., Midwife


Early Obstetrics & Gynaecology Ultrasound for Emergency Practitioners

“Wonderful course with great models and patient teachers.”

Colinette M.

“I was very impressed with Sue and Linda’s knowledge and professionalism. Both extremely helpful.”

– Julie L., Broadmeadows, NSW

” Interactive educational weekend conducted by highly knowledgeable supportive teachers.”

– Carly E., Westmead, NSW

” Good practice and the knowledge has been improved.”

–  Han L., Penrith, NSW


ASMI Seminar Series for emergency physicians

“I found the ASMI Emergency Physician’s Ultrasound Course to be very enlightening. I particularly appreciated being taught by experts, including an ultrasound engineer, an emergency physician and a senior sonographer. The practical approach gave me new skills to match the theoretical knowledge.”

Dr Jim W.
Emergency Department Director, Taree Hospital.

“I came with a fear of the unknown – the ultrasound – the grey and white images had never made sense to me, but after the well organized and individualized attention at ASMI, I left with an understanding not only of the machine but also the ability to capture meaningful imagines and to understand what I was looking at. I didn’t need an emergency consultant or radiologist, I needed Rob, the clinical director and a very experienced ultrasonographer to guide me through the tricks of the trade which can only be enhanced with practice and that I think was and is the reason I left satisfied with my ability.”

Dr Vidya Ramcharitar M.
Emergency Fellow,
The Children’s Hospital, Westmead


Ultrasound for Rehabilitation & Pain Physicians for Spasticity Management

“Excellent personalized and patient tuition answering all important topics.”

Dr Michael B., VIC

” Very informative and enjoyable course.” 

Dr Richard S., Auckland New Zealand

“Very hands on approach, giving opportunity to revisit areas you have difficulty.”

Dr Swarna V., Dundas Valley

Diagnostic Ultrasound Biofeedback for Chiropractors and Osteopaths 

“Very practical, a lot of hands on and good depth of the content”                              

Jennifer L., Chiropractor

“Daniel was an excellent and informative tutor. He displayed the ultrasound information in a interesting and clinically relevant manner. Obviously reflection on his own valuable clinical experience. Fantastic course that is going to greatly help me expand my own clinic.”  

Georgina S., Balgowlah, NSW

“Really great weekend overall. Information was great and hands on demonstrations were extremely helpful.”  –

Adam B, Waterloo, NSW.

Introductory Ultrasound for Radiology Registrars and Radiologist (Abdomen)

“An excellent introduction to abdominal Ultrasound scanning.”

Dr Fenton O’l.