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Patient Models

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There is a severe shortage of people trained in Medical Ultrasound (Sonography) throughout Australia including Sydney.

ASMI works with a number of respected Australian Universities to deliver an intensive training program at our campus in Hornsby. Students receive tuition from our senior clinical staff and local specialists.

Vital to this training is the ability to scan as many different people as possible to prepare for their clinical experience.

ASMI is seeking models for its regular training sessions held throughout the year at its campus in Burdett St, Hornsby. ASMI medical seminars are conducted by the company’s world-class training staff, who teach practical and relevant skills in a realistic clinical environment through the use of state-of-the-art machines.

Ultrasound scanning is painless with no radiation or medication involved – and model privacy is respected and maintained at all times. ASMI models enjoy their work, and often become regulars as they enjoy learning about ultrasound and all the ins and outs of this fascinating technology. The modelling work is non-invasive, non-intrusive and benefits enormously ASMI students at all levels of training and expertise.

ASMI appreciates there maybe costs involved for our volunteers to get to our Hornsby campus like fuel, wear and tear, train tickets, parking and the like so whilst we are not obligated to and whilst you may not expect it, we do like to offer some form of recognition or compensation so you won’t be out of pocket. For our short courses (seminars), models earn $50 for a half day (3-4 hours), and $100 for a full day (about 9AM – 5PM).

As well as our short courses like Obstetrics and Gynecology, shoulders and knees etc, we also run a 14 week Graduate Program in Medical Ultrasound (GPMU). This includes a small group (4-12) of post-graduates in the science/medical field who are training to become Sonographers. During the GPMU, our next generation of sonographers need to practice ultrasound scans on all parts of the body including breasts, pelvis (vagina) and scrotums. They are in need of volunteers to continue their hands-on education, and are supervised by highly experienced Senior Sonographers. Ultrasound is incredibly safe with no radiation and should you be OK with a student practicing on these parts of the body, we would love to hear from you.

For ASMI to continue to provide quality seminars, it needs real models
of all backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes – healthy models and models
with pathology of all descriptions – on a regular basis for medical
students, radiologists and sonographers to practice scanning using modern
and safe ultrasound machines.
Please help ASMI train and upskill the sonography experts of the future.

Here’s what a regular ASMI model has to say:

“I have been doing ultrasound modelling for ASMI for several years now and I would like to share my experiences regarding modelling. Without exception, I have found the ASMI campus a professional and friendly environment. The training staff really know their stuff from years of practical experience on the job and often give real-world tips to students about not only scanning technique but respectful interaction with the patient. It has been my experience that the trainers often stress to the student how important it is to look after the patient to reduce the patient’s stress and anxiety while being scanned. I never feel belittled or insensitively handled in my interaction with staff or students.

“Some scanning involves procedures that would challenge most people’s modesty – in my case testicular – but the staff and students ensure that this is done in a totally professional and consultative way. An example of being consultative might be where a student is scanning the upper leg and they will ask if they can rest their arm on your leg? They always ask first and, if they forget, then the trainer immediately reminds them. I have seen this many times.

“Around the campus, I have only had and seen friendly dealings with both staff and students. ASMI has been for me an easy and pleasant working environment and it is good to know that my modelling is helping advance the skills of the students in their quest to find employment in ultrasound scanning.”

– Mac Hamilton, Ultrasound Model

If you are interested and want to find out more information, please contact us on +61 2 9482 8711 or email us at

Sounding out Ultrasound

Below is some useful information about sonography and what’s involved in being a patient model for ASMI. Models play a very important role in helping our trainee sonography practitioners gain invaluable experience at scanning and performing ultrasounds.

What is Sonography?

Sonography is a diagnostic medical procedure that uses a high frequency ultrasound waves to produce images of internal body tissues. These images assist physicians in diagnosing and monitoring a wide variety of conditions such as heart disease, pregnancy, abdominal and vascular disease and musculoskeletal injuries.

What exactly should I expect when I get to ASMI as a patient model?

When you arrive at ASMI’s campus, please complete the attendance sheet provided.  The lecturer may demonstrate on you (or another model present) to show the sonographers how to correctly treat the patient and operate the machinery. The sonographers in training then take turns to scan. Before being scanned, a gel is spread on the body part to be scanned and the sonographer will glide a probe (a stick that scans your body) across the gel surface. They may also ask you to move your body in a certain way, for example, “Please bend your elbow”.

What should I wear and where will I be scanned?

Please wear loose fitting clothes.  Where you will be scanned changes depending on the seminar topic. Generally speaking, the body parts that could be scanned include the:

  • Ankles/Foot
  • Knee
  • Thigh
  • Elbow
  • Stomach
  • Wrist/Hand
  • Shoulder

Our receptionist will let you know prior to the scanning day where you will scanned.

Does it hurt?

Not at all.  There is no injection or pain involved with ultrasound scanning; the only slight discomfort may be the cold gel on your skin!

Is there any preparation before being scanned?

With the abdominal scan, we request you to fast for some hours before the scan so that the scanned image is clearer without the obstruction of food in your stomach.

If you are to participate in an abdominal scanning session, our receptionist will let you know prior to the scanning day if fasting is required and for how long.

We sincerely appreciate your time and effort as a patient model; your contribution greatly improves the quality of the sonography industry in Australia.