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Pregnant Models

Pregnant Model Registration

Obstetric (pregnancy) models in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimesters find it very exciting to come in and have a look at their babies in utero for a couple of hours in real-time, and learn about their baby and its various stages of development. As a pregnancy model, your privacy will be respected and maintained at all times; the only discomfort you may experience is the cool feel of the ultrasound gel on your belly! Scanning sessions are held within small groups and students are closely supervised at all times by qualified sonographers with extensive clinical and teaching experience.

Please note that in order to work as an obstetric model, you will be required to give written consent in order to participate and must have already undergone an ultrasound examination for this pregnancy by your doctor. Please provide us with a copy of the record of your ultrasound with your application.

We are looking for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimester models for our 2020 seminars.
If you would like to become an Obstetric model for please don’t hesitate to email us: or call our office 02 9482 8711


“I had a wonderful time being a model with ASMI. The staff and students were all lovely and welcoming and it was incredible being able to see and take pictures of my 12 week bub especially getting to see it moving and bouncing around. I highly recommend being a model for ASMI to any expectant mothers”

Nicole C., Obstetric model

“My time this morning was very positive and I would not hesitate to come again (this is the third time!) All the sonographers were lovely and accommodating”

Lauren B., Obstetric model

“A great way to experience baby in uterus for a long period of time. The students were very attentive and considerate – a great overall experience!!”

Michelle B., Obstetric model

“Thank you, was lovely to be able to be a model for people to be able to learning on my pregnant belly. Thank you for the experience and the lovely pics!!”

Catherine S., Obstetric model

“Thank you for the opportunity to get some nice images of our baby. Teh students and staff were all professional and made us feel comfortable at all times!”

Jessica C., Obstetric model

“Today was an enjoyable and educative session. It was amazing to see how sonography is taught and all the aspects that go into learning. The students were thoughtful and friendly. Thanks for the experience!”

Lisa C., Obstetric model

“I was extremely happy with my time spent at ASMI today. We were able to get a great view of our baby for the whole 2 hour duration which gave us some great photo opportunities. All student who came by to have their turn at viewing the baby and it’s surrounding were very pleasant  and happy to answer any questions to the best of their knowledge. I am glad that I made the time to come out and not only see my baby, but help the students with their ongoing studies/prac.”

Brittany T., Obstetric model

“Thank you for allowing me to participate in this. I found the students to be polite and lovely. I would recommend ASMI to all of my pregnant friends.”

Zoey F., Obstetric model

“The trainers were extremely thoughtful and caring of my comfort. I found the session informative, the students were polite, gentle and very proffessional.”

Edwina H., Obstetric model

“The students were very lovely. Had a really good time and loved seeing my baby kicking/moving around. Definitely will be back!”

Allysa  H., Obstetric model

“Great experience, students were really gentle and made a real effort to make sure I get great pictures of my baby.”

Lucy N., Obstetric model

“I had a great afternoon! Students and teachers were very nice and explained what we were looking at absolutely a great afternoon.”

Denise E., Obstetric model

“I wanted to be a model to learn more about my baby and ultrasound in general. It was totally fascinating experience. The students were courteous and accommodating of my comfort at all times. The environment was relaxed and calm due to the teachers wonderful laid back, yet incredibly insightful knowledge and experience. I would recommend this facility to any mother wanting to have more time during an ultrasound!”

Sherrie D., Obstetric model

“My time at ASMI was relaxing, super friendly staff. They were respective and I loved seeing my baby again. Happy to help out again.”

Amy H., Obstetric model

“The facilitator and students were very friendly and professional. They made sure I was comfortable during my scan. I would participate in further scans again!”

Nicole F., Obstetric model

“Loved it! Lovely ladies and great information given about my baby.”

Sylvia F., Obstetric model

“Lots of fun, very informative, highly recommend!”

Megan B., Obstetric model

“I have found the last 3 days to be very informative. Hearing about my baby and it’s development is very reassuring. I am so pleased that I volunteered – I would highly recommend it!”

Samantha G., Obstetric model

“I was a pregnancy model in the Obstetric seminar & just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.The students & trainers were so friendly and I would be more than happy to come again.”

Melissa H., Obstetric model

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to be an obstetric model for ASMI. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to any future opportunities you may have available. It was a pleasure to meet you all.”

Renee H., Obstetric model

Naomi T. has worked as a ASMI obstetric model on many occasions, here she shares her experiences:

“I have volunteered with ASMI as a patient model a number of times. I have always been provided with a comfortable and supportive environment, and have found the students and teachers to be very respectful. I have appreciated their willingness to explain what they are doing, and what we can see. I have also greatly enjoyed getting a sneak peek at my two beautiful daughters. I would recommend participating as a model for ASMI and plan to volunteer again for future pregnancies.”

− Naomi T., Obstetric Model