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Previous Models’ Experiences

ASMI values its models

ASMI is seeking models for its regular training sessions held throughout the year at its campus in Burdett St, Hornsby. ASMI models enjoy their time supporting ultrasound training, and often become regulars as they enjoy learning about ultrasound and all the ins and outs of this fascinating technology.


“I have enjoyed my time as a model for ASMI and having come from a healthcare background it has been knowledgeable along the way. The environment is non invasive, safe, friendly and privacy driven.”

– Bruce P., Patient Model

Here’s what regular ASMI model, Mr Mac H., has to say:

“I have been doing ultrasound modelling for ASMI for several years now and I would like to share my experiences regarding modelling. Without exception, I have found the ASMI campus a professional and friendly environment. The training staff really know their stuff from years of practical experience on the job and often give real-world tips to students about not only scanning technique but respectful interaction with the patient. It has been my experience that the trainers often stress to the student how important it is to look after the patient to reduce the patient’s stress and anxiety while being scanned. I never feel belittled or insensitively handled in my interaction with staff or students.

“Some scanning involves procedures that would challenge most people’s modesty – in my case testicular – but the staff and students ensure that this is done in a totally professional and consultative way. An example of being consultative might be where a student is scanning the upper leg and they will ask if they can rest their arm on your leg? They always ask first and, if they forget, then the trainer immediately reminds them. I have seen this many times.

“Around the campus, I have only had and seen friendly dealings with both staff and students. ASMI has been for me an easy and pleasant working environment and it is good to know that my modelling is helping advance the skills of the students in their quest to find employment in ultrasound scanning.”

– Mac H., Patient Model

“I have been a patient model at ASMI for just over one year now. The staff at ASMI are friendly and professional in all aspects of their training to their students. They provide the students with real-life examples of ultrasounds and techniques associated with improving their practices. It is amazing to be part of such a great learning environment particularly as a patient as it allows the students to test out what they are learning on a real-life patient. I would strongly recommend this opportunity to anyone interested in being a patient model in the near future.”

– Ben I. Patient Model

Patient models will be paid via direct deposit into their nominated bank account, depending on the amount of time spent modelling. Alternatively, donations to your preferred charity can be made on your behalf.

Obstestric models are also strongly valued by ASMI. Models are needed to model during their 1st and 3rd Trimesters, so that obstetric students have the opportunity to gain plenty of scanning practice.

“I was a pregnancy model in the Obstetric seminar & just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.The students & trainers were so friendly and I would be more than happy to come again.”

Melissa H. Obstetric model

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to be an obstetric model for ASMI. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to any future opportunities you may have available. It was a pleasure to meet you all.”

Renee H., Obstetric model

Here’s what regular obstetrics model Naomi T. has to say:

“I have volunteered with ASMI as a patient model a number of times. I have always been provided with a comfortable and supportive environment, and have found the students and teachers to be very respectful. I have appreciated their willingness to explain what they are doing, and what we can see. I have also greatly enjoyed getting a sneak peek at my two beautiful daughters. I would recommend participating as a model for ASMI and plan to volunteer again for future pregnancies.”

– Naomi T., Obstetrics Model

If you are interested and want to find out more information, please contact ASMI’s friendly staff on +61 2 9482 8711 or email us at