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Diagnostic and Interventional Neck Ultrasound – “TBA Post CoVid 19”


This  course is designed  for  Endocrine Surgeons, Physicians, Registrars and surgical trainees who are interested incorporating Thyroid ultrasound and procedures into their practice. The intensive course will provide registrants with  basic  ultrasound physics, artifacts and instrumentation give them an understanding of sonographic scan planes, probe manipulation skills, terminology and ultrasound guided needling  techniques.

Course Content:

  • Basic Physics of ultrasound , artifacts, instrumentation and colour Doppler
  •  Anatomy  of the  thyroid  ,parathyroids and salivary glands , normal dimensions and relationship with the surronding anatomy  of the  Cervical Region
  • Sonographic  Imaging criteria of Thyroid, parathyroid and nodes pathology
  • Identify  and understand anatomic relations of  the major salivary glands
  • Performance of Ultrasound examinations of the Neck, scan techniques and image acquisition.
  •  Image documentation and measurement protocols
  • Ultrasound Directed Interventional procedures

Course objectives;

Upon completion of the course learners should be able to :-

  • Understand and demonstrate  the basic physical principles of ultrasound
  • Understand the relevant ultrasound technology quality control and safety
  •  Effectively perform a cervical/neck  ultrasound
  •   Demonstrate  competency in correlating ultrasound images with clinical findings
  • Understand sonographic imaging criteria of  neck ,thyroid ,parathyroid  and node pathology
  • Identify the major salivary glands
  • Demonstrate competency in performing ultrasound directed interventional procedures
  • Understand limitations of ultrasound and the importance of seeking assistance and advice
  • Have an understanding and skills to perform an ultrasound guided interventional procedure.

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