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Mastering Breast Ultrasound Scanning – “TBA Post CoVid 19”

Accreditation: ASA CPD

This is a 2 day intensive  “hands on”  course in Breast Ultrasound Scanning. The course is designed for sonographers, radiographers and other practitioners wishing to perfect the scanning techniques required in Breast sonography. The course will incorporate physics, lectures, and live scanning of models.


  • Basic Physics of Ultrasound
  • Artifacts
  • Knobology and Image Optimisation
  • Ultrasound Scanning techniques and probe orientation
  • Breast anatomy
  • Breast Pathology and documentation
  • Breast Ultrasound Protocols
  • Scanning Breasts with Implants
  • Pitfalls
  • Advances in breast imaging

On completion of the course:

It is expected that participants should have the knowledge, techniques and  protocols  to perform an ultrasound study of the breast.

It is expected that participants should have the knowledge and understanding  to correctly  document breast pathology and have an understanding of the ultrasound guided biopsy techniques.