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Mastering Carotid Ultrasound Scanning – “TBA Post CoVid 19”

This intensive “hands on” course is designed for Student Sonographers undertaking the Vascular pathway including the ASUM Vascular DMU, general Student Sonographers , Cardiac Sonographers , Stroke Nurses and Sonographers wishing to update, extend or master their Carotid scanning skills.

The course will cover Vascular Anatomy, Haemodynamics , Carotid Doppler protocols, image documentation, measurements and reporting lectures.

• The emphasis is on developing practical diagnostic scanning techniques, navigational skills, vascular scanning
and image documentation protocols
• To have an understanding of the normal and abnormal pathological sonographic patterns and appearances and Blood
flow patterns.

The small group structure ensures a collaborative and supportive learning environment, utilizing a mixture of didactic lectures and real time scanning techniques.


• Basic Physics and Knobology if required
• Haemodynamics and Instrumentation
• Introduction to Colour, Power and Spectral Doppler
• Blood flow patterns
• Knobology
• Extra cranial Cerebral Vessels – Carotid, Vertebral, Subclavian Artery and Jugular Vein lecture, protocols and
• Grey scale, Plaque Characterisation, Evaluation of Stenosis, Colour Doppler, Spectral Analysis and Spectral
Broadening, Thrombus, Documentation and Reporting.
• Scan protocols
• Image documentation and measurements
• Work sheets for Carotid Doppler examinations