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Mastering DVT Ultrasound Scanning – “TBA Post CoVid 19”

Intensive “hands on” training program designed to introduce registrants with existing sonography skills and knowledge to examinations of the Lower Limb deep venous system (for DVT).

Participants are asked to bring their own wide, loose leg or stretch shorts as they will be scanning one another during the course.

The small group structure ensures a collaborative and supportive learning environment, utilizing a mixture of didactic lectures and real time scanning techniques.


• Physics and instrumentation for DVT scanning
• When and how to use Spectral and colour Doppler, power Doppler
• Anatomy (including common variants) and pathology
• Upper and lower limb venous scan technique.
• Lower limb scan protocols and documentation
• Interpretation and reporting


Upon completing this seminar participants should be able to return to their department able to conduct a basic examination of the lower limb veins for DVT.