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Musculoskeletal Ultrasound – Lower Limb – “TBA Post CoVid 19”


Course description

This intensive two-day, hands on seminar is designed for sonographers or medical specialists with experience in general sonography seeking an introduction into MSK ultrasound.

The unique format features focused didactic lectures, interactive scanning demonstrations and personal, hands-on scanning tuition. A small group ensures comprehensive and personal tuition for each participant.

Emphasis will be placed on common clinical presentations and referrals. Attendance will allow you to return to your department with real clinical competencies.

The intensive practical training will include:

  • Instrumentation and image optimisation
  • Sonographic technique
  • Artifacts and pitfalls
  • Relevant anatomy
  • Common pathologies
  • Diagnostic criteria
  • Discussion of common interventional techniques

The course also covers:

  • Inguinal and Femoral hernia
  • Anterior and Lateral hip
  • Thigh
  • Knee and patellar tendon
  • Baker’s cyst and medial calf
  • Ankle and Achilles’ tendon
  • Plantar fascia and Forefoot

Upon completion of this course participants should have:

  • Improved knowledge of lower limb sonographic anatomy
  • Enhanced MSK scanning skills
  • Understanding of common clinical presentations
  • Diagnostic criteria for interpretation and reporting
  • Greater understanding of interventional techniques


“I found this course to be incredibly helpful. I am a qualified sonographer and this has build on my knowledge & filled in gaps that I hadn’t been taught during my training.”

– Katrina R., Sonographer

“David is a fantastic tutor. He keeps the content simple, but still gets accross the important details. This seminar was SO good. I would advise any student to attend.”

– Angus M., Trainee Sonographer

“Dave is an excellent Tutor. Knowledgeable, personable and simplifies the scanning to make it quick & easy to pick up. “

– Kerrie W., Trainee Sonographer

“Dave was again a great tutor who was very approachable & knowledgeable. Scanning of areas made me more confident in my scanning with the simple & methodical nature of the course.”

– Jenna Jones., Sonographer

“Very good course, friendly helpful tutor. Goo small sized group meant lots of individual teaching. Very worthwhile”

– Katherine H., Sonographer

“Great course. Peter has simplified the complicated muscle anatomies into breaf names which was very helpful to remember. Scanning techniques he tought was very useful as well over all. I would recommend this course to my colleagues. Thank you.”

– Alison W., Trainee Sonographer

“Excelent, practical course with a good balance of lecture seminar and hands on ultrasound training.”

– Dr Lisa E., Registrar Sport and Exercise Medicine

“The tutors’ knowledge was outstanding and something to certainly aspire to!”

– Kate W., Trainee Sonographer

“Looking forward to applying new knowledge”

– Alan H., Sonographer

“Excellent introductory course for anyone starting MSK ultrasound”

– Dr Kian-Ming C., MSK Fellow

“A great overview for the beginner. As a Student Sonographer it can be overwhelming trying to tackle anatomy and pathology but this course is very systematic and the hands on practice is invaluable.”

− Stephanie Ch., Trainee Sonographer