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Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentations – “TBA Post CoVid 19”

A five-day intensive ultrasound physics course that combines didactic lectures and interactive practical sessions in a small group environment.


  • Ultrasound orientation and physics
  • Transducers and image artifacts
  • Scanning and Doppler demonstration
  • Instrumentation and equipment performance
  • Bioeffects and safety

Upon completing this course, you should achieve an understanding of and optimise your knowledge of medical ultrasound systems.

“Learn everything you need to know about the physics and instrumentation of ultrasound to be a safe, confident and informed sonographer.”

− Robert Gill, Consultant Lecturer


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Rob Gill and ASMI for the wonderful course I attended in May 2014.

Some think I am crazy pursuing a career change and one that is not necessarily in line with my previous qualifications and experience.

Personally I viewed Physics as a challenge and a subject I had little interest in but appreciated the need for understanding and as such I enrolled in the Physics and Instrumentation course held last week to give me the best start possible!  Well it did this and more…

The nature of the course material and manner in which it was delivered is a credit to Dr Gill and his skill as an educator and knowledge of his field.

Before attending I had a very basic idea but upon completion of the course, through group discussion and clever delivery, Dr Gill has helped to prepare me for what I now view as an exciting aspect of my new career.

I would like to thank you once again for making this course available to students outside of your ASMI program and recommend it for anyone in my situation.”

− Erica C., Bachelor in Human Movement Science

“The course information was intense but delivered in an easy, relaxed manner. The lecturer was excellent in relaying the physics in such a way that one could grasp the fundamentals and build from that knowledge. All the staff are friendly and make sure all your needs are attended to. Cannot recommend this course highly enough.”
− Shawn B., Radiographer, Regional Imaging, Tasmania

“Highly recommended course to all the radiology first year trainees. The course has given me a greater insight and better understanding of the physics of ultrasound.”
− Sirish C., Radiology Registrar

“Extremely useful for understanding of physics in ultrasound an in preparation of DDUI examinations.”
− Sujata H., The Women’s Hospital, Melbourne, Vic

“Enjoyed the course… very useful. The course content was very relevant. Teaching was excellent – very warm and friendly staff.”
− Triveni N., Staff Specialist, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Hornsby, NSW