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Vascular Ultrasound in Phlebology – “TBA Post CoVid 19”


Accreditation: CPD

Course Description

Course Code: VAS P

This 2 day “hands on” course is designed for medical practitioners and other technologists interested in Ultrasound scanning of the superficial and deep venous systems and ABI’s of the lower limb.

The emphasis is on developing practical diagnostic scanning techniques, navigational skills and an understanding of the normal and pathological sonographic patterns and appearances.

The course includes the basic physics of Ultrasound, Knobology, the physics of Doppler and Colour Doppler as well as probe orientation and manipulation techniques. Practical scanning of the superficial and deep venous systems of the lower limb, including CVI (chronic venous insufficiency), venous mapping, DVT (deep venous thrombosis) examinations and ABI (Ankle Brachial Index).

The small group structure ensures a collaborative and supportive learning environment utilising a mixture of didactic lecture tuition and real time scanning techniques. A range of equipment is used in conjunction with scanning models ensuring consolidation of practical scanning skills.

  • Basic Physics and instrumentation
  • Artifacts and terminology
  • Knobology
  • Physics and instrumentation of Colour and Spectral Doppler
  • Haemodynamics
  • Probe orientation and manipulation techniques
  • Venous Anatomy and pathologies
  • Sonographic techniques and image interpretation for CVI, DVT and Venous mapping
  • ABI’s
  • Ultrasound Protocols
  • Ultrasound guided needle placement techniques utilising phantoms 


  • Provide registrants with the basic Physics and artifacts associated with greyscale Ultrasound
  • Provide an understanding of the basics physics of Colour and Spectral Doppler
  • Provide an understanding of the basic principles of haemodynamics and spectral analysis
  • Provide an understanding of the basic ultrasound machine controls
  • Demonstrate the anatomy in the regions outlined in the curriculum
  • Provide the techniques to maximise their skills when performing ultrasound guided injections
  • Provide an outline of the protocols required in all examinations outlined in the curriculum

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